The Coronavirus pandemic has changed the way everything works and is forcing more people to review their income strategies. More people are becoming self-employed so we wanted to create an online bookkeeping tool that actually makes life easier. We are all in this together!

Triginta’s features are specially designed for self-employed people

Triginta provides a unique calculator for self-employed people to calculate how much to set aside for tax and national insurance through the year. More importantly, it can help show how much to pay yourself!

Think of it as a Self Employed Salary Calculator that’s straightforward and easy to use

How to get your FREE Triginta Membership

To help us launch the new online tool, we’re offering it FREE for members of the group for a limited period

You can be part of the development of this new tool for self employed people in the UK, and at the same time you’ll be benefiting from Triginta’s features entirely free.

Normal Triginta membership costs £23.88 a year (after three months trial)

This offer is for unlimited subscription to and continues as long as continues to operate.

This offer is time limited so don’t hang around!

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Free Online Bookkeeping tool from Triginta